Case Study: Professional Services Company

Company B provides services to its customers’ employees; I created an application from the ground up, integrating data from a number of existing custom-built applications.

Customer and Booking Management

The application allows the collection of customer data, including branches of the customers’ business, internal contact, billing arrangements and the customers’ employees, and the creation of multi-level bookings containing multiple job types .  Bookings follow proscribed workflow patterns based on user-configurable types, providing a clearly-defined path through the Company’s processes.  Workflows are configurable by administrative staff, eliminating unnecessary steps.

Job Reporting

The application provides reports to the customers and their employees, showing the outcome of the jobs requested by the customer.  This functionality  enables quick and easy production of multiple reports.


I built a drag-and-drop calendar to allow scheduling of jobs across multiple branches and staff members. The scheduler supports moving jobs between staff members, re-scheduling and changing the duration of appointments, as well as blocking out time for staff members on a one-off or weekly or yearly recurring basis.  Appointments and block-outs can be scheduled concurrently if required.  Block-outs can be colour-coded based on purpose, while job items have a colour indicator showing their status.

Scheduler Screen Shot
Actual screen-shot, identifying information removed, used with permission

Online Bookings

I implemented a system using custom-built forms for key customers; the customers complete the booking form and the resulting data is sent to the Company (and the customer, if required).  The Company is able to import the data directly into the application, which reduces data entry time and eliminates the opportunity for errors.  Additionally, the customers’ employees can reserve appointments within pre-defined time periods, and receive standard iCal-format appointments.

Office Add-Ins

I developed a suite of add-ins for Microsoft Office, enabling efficient data transfer to and from the application, e.g., for processing online booking requests, sending completed reports, and filling in the Company’s standard forms.


I created a simple interface for marketing staff to record their interactions with existing or potential customers, schedule recalls , and record the provision of quotes and their eventual outcome.  A simple dashboard provides information about the current customer base and the success rate of quotes.